AML/KYC Importance
Is Automatic Trading Necessary?
Send/Receive Crypto Without Fee
Are You Afraid of the Risk of Trades?
Do You Trust Exchanges to Hold Your Assets There?
Are You Fearing to Trade Due to Your Restricted Country?
What is Bitsroad

About The Bitsroad Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Bitsroad is a Fintech StartUp. We are determined to provide many unique and first in the world services to everyone for trading. We believe that everyone should able to be active in cryptocurrency space regardless of geographical location and any sanctions against governments.

Bitsroad will provide many pro features to able everyone trading easier than current exchanges trade process by manage order risk and profit.

Our Unique Features

Why Bitsroad Trading Platform?

We are proud of our great team. They are one of the most motivated and enthusiastic teams we have and are always ready and willing to help out where needed.


Secured by using McAfee. 24/7 security monitoring


Trade Globally

Trading worldwide regardless of geographical location and sanction imposed against the government


Trade With or Without KYC

Trading with/without KYC. You can trade for sufficient volume


Automatic Trading

Unique automatic trading algorithm empowers trader to avoid trade loss and manage risk


Send/Receive Crypto for FREE

Send/Receive invoice To/From your friends for free to arrange your picnic and camping


Keep Assets in Your Hands

You are the definitive owner of your assets and no need to leave your assets to exchange for trading


Bitsroad is a crypto-based fintech which provide advanced features for beginners and professional traders to transform Bitsroad into the best place for everyone to take profit from crypto market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

All other exchanges hold trader's assets on their side and then they let users to trade. Bitsroad won't do that. So you can get full control of your wallet whenever you want and your assets are always on your hands.
Bitsroad provides advanced and unique features for the first time in the cryptocurrency world to help beginners and professional traders to manage their trade risk and help them to take definitive profit of trades even if trader doesn't keep track of the market price and open orders.
All bitsroad customers will be supported through Helpdesk by submitting a ticket. After you submitted the request, The Helpdesk team will contact you shortly to solve your issue in the best possible way. In addition, premium membership users can get 24/7 online support through online chat and get enterprise support from a dedicated support agent.
We have a dedicated security team for auditing and monitoring all servers logs. They keep their eyes on any suspicious activities such as deposit, withdrawal, API requests. In addition, we keep customers assets in secure and unreachable nodes and cold storages with the highest security to avoid access by any hackers, attackers, and penetrators.

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